Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Red Queen

I am the frog! I am the Frog!
And I am in the service of the queen
She is The Red Queen
The shimmering beautiful woman
With the accent of fire
That plagues my feeble mind
So I hop
Smiling stupid green
Waving my banner, in honor of my queen
I too wear a crown, but crooked
Her green jester
I am not her only servant
But I hop and clap for my queen
I celebrate her with my wide smile
Stretching stupid green
She is Red in her royalty, elegant in her perfection
Sleek and long
While I am the frog
Who loves The Red Queen

Saturday, January 10, 2009

I Have No Name

Forget the name
You knew before
For it has surely changed
And from your mouth
It speaks no more
For I have no fucking name

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meticulous Hammer

Your meticulous hammer smashed my heart
And swept the pieces away,
Swept them into the dawn,
To the rainbows end.
Even to the end of my days,
The pieces have been swept away,
Until nothing remains.
But still your hammer swings.

Crazy Trumpet

You are my crazy trumpet
Freak love
The clandestine valentine
Of my dandelion heart
A kinky secret
The slow burn of my happiness
The wife of my insanity
The mother of my words
Are my one true thing
Unwrapping my feelings with delicate hands
Then setting them adrift like baby Moses
Floating in the reeds
The always rising sun

Daddy's Dead

Daddy's dead, daddy's dead,
Ring the bells, ring the bells.
He won't come back,
But was he ever there, was he ever there?
Daddy's dead...

He wants to pull the plug on life,
Some life, what life?
I do not know, but my Daddy is dead.
Not yet, but in his head.

Too many years, son, and too much pain.
25 years on dialysis is more than a man can take.
Yeah Dad, but so is 35 years in your wake.
Daddy's dead, daddy's dead.

Your Dad taught you nothing, you said,
But he was my Grandpa,
And he is a God in my eyes.

What did you teach me Sir,
Mother Fucker?
Are you any better?
Are you sure that you are my father?

Daddy's dead, daddy's dead,
Ring the bells, ring the bells.
He won't come back,
But was he ever there,
Was he ever there?
Daddy's dead.

There was a swing-set and a river,
A cheeseburger
And a smile.
That was all I had, and now you're dead
Goodbye Mother Fucker
Daddy, I love you.